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31-Aug-2017 15:11

We were sitting in Ryan Seacrest’s house, a week before, writing the reviews.

Which does beg the question, “Why weren’t you writing better material? It’s the very last category to be presented, and the presenter is Jimmy Kimmel — it’s all coming full circle.

“I assure you I never pulled myself out of the running; maybe I just overstayed my welcome!

”Last year’s nominees in the reality host Emmy category included Tom Bergeron (“Dancing With the Stars”), Steve Harvey (“Little Big Shots”), Heidi Klum and Tim Gunn (“Project Runway”) and winner Ru Paul Charles (“Ru Paul’s Drag Race”).

Though he hasn’t been nominated since, Probst remains one of the most indelible frontmen on TV. I think even my mom, who is my biggest fan, would agree it was the worst hosting performance of any person or persons in the history of any awards show on this planet or any other. I was at an Emmy party and I saw Jimmy Kimmel, I told him what we had planned for the show.

It has taken years for me to fully embrace that, but I now completely own it. I’ll never forget how kind and gracious he was in telling me how badly we were going to bomb.

Kimmel read my name and as he handed me the statue I reminded myself, “This is for your work on ‘Survivor.’” It was a very humbling slash humiliating moment to get an award.

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“There’s this idea in the millennials that, ‘You know what?

Jeff Probst has the rare distinction of winning his first individual Emmy the same year he co-hosted the awards ceremony. Awards: The Contenders The Emmy host is not usually up for an Emmy, and on top of that you guys bombed.