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There's been no mention of him being a former professional athlete who's made probably million." Of course, I found it odd that Sarah referred to her source as a guy she used to spend time with.

It seems to me that if it was a friend, you'd just call him a "friend," or if it was an ex-boyfriend, you'd say "my ex-boyfriend." I'm a huge baseball fan, and while I'd probably eventually piece together who Jeff Kent was, I'm not even sure that I'd make that connection on day one, especially if I was from Maryland and my only connection to the game was some guy I used to hang out with.

I did trust Dan after what he pulled off at the funeral.

He didn’t really do anything wrong at the funeral except save his butt. We have heard you say on the feeds that you really aren’t that attracted to Danielle. used his fast-paced learning style to quickly further himself as one of the Yak’s top entertainment contributors. is not writing, you can find him busy studying for his medical boards and wandering the halls of the hospital …

The Quack Pack is Dan, Danielle, Britney, Shane, and Ian Terry. I built some trust a couple of weeks ago, so I shouldn’t go on the block. Boogie has zero respect for Ian as a player, so it never occurs to Boogie that Ian could be playing him and Frank. Ian is essentially playing the game Dan played (and earned him the win) in season 10.

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"A lot of people that said maybe you should never play again, because now you're opening yourself up to the legend of what I was, to what I am today." Fortunately Michael did nothing to diminish his legacy, as he picked up right where he left off and collected wounds to his finger, hand, head and foot, any of which appeared to be deep enough to pose an infection risk in their moist tropical climate.I know that Jeff Kent loves his signature racist mustache so much that he kept it well past it's fashionable prime of 1985, but don't you think he'd have been smart enough to shave it before coming on a show like And as it turned out, Jeff Kent's mustache was just the clue that Sarah Dawson needed to piece together his true identity."I used to spend time with a guy who was really into baseball, and I know who Jeff Kent is.No.” When Danielle says she thinks she’s going to cry Janelle tells her not to and comes across the room to give her a hug.

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The conversation then wraps up with Janelle telling Danielle she’s been lied to and had hoped they could work together.

Shane is the new Head of Household, Britney won safety, and Boogie won ,000. If it were just Shane, I’d say a 10, but with Brit, I’d say a 9. Frank and Boogie talk to Shane immediately after the nominations. Dan is planting seeds – nobody has a chance against Ian.