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And it is this quality which holds the potential both for making or breaking their romantic relationships.If given a job, they will drown themselves in it and emerge only when it is done.So when two Roosters begin dating, they are likely to take every care that everything is perfect – right down from the creases in their outfit when they out together to the ambience in the restaurant where they go to have dinner.This kind of perfectionism is not well understood by other signs and in fact most would find it quite impossible to live up to the Rooster’s impossibly high standards.Thus when two Roosters come together to form a pair, the relationship has as much potential for success as for conflict.High points of a Rooster-Rooster love match The most significant characteristic of the Rooster is perhaps their desire for perfectionism.

Thus both the Tiger and Dog are not only well suited to understand each other’s motivations but indeed to encourage and assist them.

Like the animal whose symbol this sign bears, the Dog takes immense pride in his/her loyal nature and thus would be deeply committed to this relationship.

A relationship ground in mutual loyalty and commitment is actually great news for both the Dog and Pig partners since at heart both these are emotionally insecure beings.

While the Pig needs to be taken care of and romanced in a relationship, the Dog needs to be completely assured of a partner’s fidelity.

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Unlike the more self-assured Tiger or the carefree Horse, the Dog and Pig are signs which need consistent proof of a partner’s love which is also why they are best able to understand each other’s needs and fulfill them. Then again both the Dog and Pig feel alike as far as socializing is concerned.

The Dog for his/her part has a strong sense of righteousness.