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02-Dec-2017 20:31

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This is a right off the ad on the computer said a monthly fee would be charged but when they charged my card they charged for a whole year. If you have an inbound email in your inbox, match shows you as online to encourage others to feel there is more of a selection available than there actually is at the time you are on.

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They have lots of tricks to get your money, so don't waste your money! In order to get you to re-sign for another 6 months or 1 year, will send you fake emails from attractive women. This happened three times to my profile and pictures.

Back when there was still more of a stigma towards online dating, quality girls would be really embarrassed to be on the site, so they wouldn't post pictures.

And since most guys are dumb as rocks and would never consider "wasting time" emailing a girl with no pictures, a quick body-type search, profile review, etc.

would yield girls that were falling through the cracks with a pretty decent percentage they'd be hot, from wealthy families, or both.

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I was dating chicks from upper crust, old money families (very tough circle to break into) constantly and my loophole strategy was 100% the reason why (I had good logistics even back then - condo, downtown, etc).I've always been a huge guy and have had incredible success on that site since the early 2000's.

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