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16-Oct-2017 21:11

Waziri Mkuu wa mstaafu, Frederick Sumaye ameingia matatani tena baada ya Halmashauri ya Wilaya ya Mvomero kumpokonya shamba lake lenye ukubwa wa ekari 326 kwa madai ya kutoendelezwa huku ikisema Rais John Magufuli ameridhia hatua hiyo.Hili ni shamba la pili Sumaye kunyang’anywa baada ya ekari 33 zilizopo eneo la Mabwepande kuchukuliwa Novemba mwaka jana huku Mkuu wa Wilaya ya Kinondoni, Ally Hapi akisema Serikali ilifikia uamuzi huo baada ya kiongozi huyo mstaafu kushindwa kuliendeleza kama notisi ya siku 90 ilivyoeleza.“Oktoba 28, mwaka huu, Rais John Magufuli alibatilisha hati ya kumiliki ardhi ya shamba namba 3,074 lililopo Mabwepande. Jina la mmiliki lililoandikwa katika hati ni Frankline Sumaye,” alisema Hapi.In the latest incident, UTSS reported an attempted grave robbery at the burial site of a woman with albinism called Sister Sisala Simwali in Mumba village in south-western Tanzania.Free Tanzania Porn stream movies from all over the Web, huge choice of Tanzania sex tubes and more than 1000 porn tube categories at Nice Sex Tube!Tume Huru ya Uchaguzi Kenya ilitangaza Kenyatta kuwa mshindi kwa kupata kura 8,203,290 (54.27%) dhidi ya mpinzani wake Raila Odinga 6,762,224 (44.74%), kufuatia matokeo hayo Rais wa Tanzania John Pombe Magufuli ametoa pongezi kwa Uhuru Kenyatta kwa kuchaguliwa kwa mara nyingine tena.Kwa mujibu wa Tume Huru ya Uchaguzi Kenya (IEBC) ilisema kuwa uchaguzi huo ulikuwa wa huru na haki na kudai kuwa umekuwa ni uchaguzi wa kipekee kwa Kenya kwani watu waliojitokeza kujiandikisha na kupiga kura ni wengi zaidi ukilinganisha na chaguzi zilizofanyika kipindi cha nyuma.Our cost per CYP was less than , which was made possible by increasing efficiencies to near self-sufficiency in several country programs like Brazil and the Philippines.Tanzania is slowly making progress in combating bullying and violence against albinos, but recent incidents of grave-digging have highlighted how more needs to be done to stamp out the persecution once and for all.

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There are widespread myths that albinos have magic powers and they are being hunted for their body parts that can bring in up to ,000.

Tanzania is one of the countries known to be involved in the cross-border trafficking of the body parts of persons with albinism, alongside Burundi, Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), Kenya, Mozambique, Malawi, South Africa and Swaziland.

NGO Under The Same Sun (UTSS) has documented 76 killings of albinos, one abduction and 21 grave violations.

Seventy-two people have survived attacks but all of them, the organisation reported, "are deeply traumatised and some severely mutilated".

Besides attacks on living albinos, Shantha Rau Barriga, disability rights director at Human Rights Watch told IBTimes UK about a troubling trend in which burial sites are disturbed and the bodies of albinos snatched.

This figure has been climbing steadily over the past several years.

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